Film Reel

Drama and Comedy

Therapist gets truthful with her patient

Simone de Beauvoir discusses the Second Sex

with Jean Paul Sartre

Mum confronts her drug addicted daughter

Single working mom puts it to her

angsty teen son

Mum and daughter work on forgiveness

Accent Expert

Accent Reel

RP, French, Irish

Irish – The Weir – Valerie


Simone de Beauvoir

Southern, British, French, Irish and German

From The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Georgia Southern
British – BBC

As Southern as you can get….

A sample from “Teaching Luther to Cook”


Comedic Parody – with love and thanks to Stephen Sondheim, Bob Merrill and Jule Styne

Contemporary MT Uptempo Rock – Didn’t I See This Movie – Next to Normal

Contemporary MT Driving Ballad – Chanson – The Baker’s Wife

Comedy Musical Theater – You Can Always Count On Me – City of Angels 32b

Traditional MT Uptempo – Hostess with the Mostes’ – Call Me Madam 32b

Pop song – When We Were Young – Adele – 32b

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