Film Reel…

The Last Straw……

Latest project: Irish ghost story…

Mom? Therapist?…….. Both?

Follow my lead, mes chèries…..

Not enough comfort in the world….


To Jule Styne, Bob Merrill and Stephen Sondheim with love and thanks……

Oh, the frustration…..

Here’s to keeping hope alive!

Accent Expert

Southern, British, French, Irish and German

From The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Georgia Southern
British – BBC

As Southern as you can get….

A sample from “Teaching Luther to Cook”

Audiobook Producer

Fiction – Sci-Fi; Fantasy; Mystery, Drama, Comedy. Self-Help, Memoirs, Histories.

Got a book that needs producing? I have a fully-equipped studio.

Anazara is your typical college student living away from home. With the sudden arrival of her step-mother demanding she return home early to help her ailing father, she never knew what was about to happen.

Join Anazara on a mythical journey as she discovers her father’s legacy, and her future which ties her to a magical land.

Available now on Audible

Peirson’s battle with cancer lies at the heart of this book, a mixed reference to the Romantic poet John Keats and the Beatles. I am Keats as you are is a compilation of Peirson’s own poetry and the hundreds of letters he sent to family and friends over the course of his struggle with cancer.

Available now on Audible

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