The 411

I’m intent on bringing healing to women in this world so they know that someone hears them and is on their side.  If a project does that, I’m in. 

That’s why I love Jane Campion’s work and also why I revere Susan Sarandon’s work as well (besides being told “You look like…” and I say, “yes… yes, I know…Susan Sarandon”. Happens ALL. THE. TIME.  And funnily enough, I pretty much fit every role she’s ever played…).   Hey Susan! Need a younger sister in any of your films? I’m here. Hit me up!

  • Lancaster County, PA girl –  Amish? Nope…
  • Protective of vulnerable women and children
  • Mothering – sweet….or secretly (or openly!) cray cray
  • Feminist and fierce fighter through and through
  • Leslie Mann is my comedy goddess 
  • I dream of working with Christopher Guest and Meryl Streep – maybe even in the same movie!

Fun Facts

  • Nickname: MoGyver – for my ability to fix anything with spit and bailing wire. I’m pretty handy.
  • Favorite Hobby: Gown and dress design and construction.
  • Second Favorite Hobby: Building things.
  • I’m crazy about lemurs.
  • Kickboxing and fencing are a great ways to relieve stress.
  • I used to teach Latin American Mythology.
  • I studied Flamenco in Granada, Spain.
  • I have been a Showgirl… in Indiana.

Fun Pics

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